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Find out more about our five core disciplines.

Providing a wide range of services for you and your leadership team.

At the highest level, we can provide oversight and governance to ask those challenging questions that often get overlooked when deep into day-to-day management. We can work to provide longer-term business planning and, if necessary, re-structuring to ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible.

Should you be planning international expansion, we have affiliates in both the USA and Australasia, who can carry out research and initial ‘go to market’ services saving on the significant costs of setting up remote operations.

Are you GDPR compliant, and do you have a DPO (Data Protection Officer)? Would you like to become accredited – ISO 27001, ISO 9001, G-Cloud, Crown Commercial Services? We can help in all these areas and many more.

Recruitment is normally a significant cost for any business. We have an extensive education network, it may be that the perfect talent is already known to us! We can advise, help in the creation of job descriptions and take an independent view if you need help in the interview process.

Sales, or more importantly, lack of sales is the main reason for business failure.

A successful organisation is a highly balanced, well-oiled machine with all elements working in unison. You can have the best fiscal systems, the perfect product and technical skills beyond reproach, but without income, you’ll still sink.

It’s often said that you can’t sell to educational organisations, and it’s true that traditional B2B sales techniques are likely to fail, but an understanding of how EdTech procurement works, the hoops schools and colleges have to go through to get approval and the difference between influencers and decision makers can help promote your product over that of your competitors.

Whether it’s sales strategy, processes, team structure, target setting, tender writing, sales training, or pricing strategy, we’ve ‘been there and done it’ successfully many times over.

Creating effective commission plans can be challenging and time consuming. Balancing the needs of the business and the expectations of your teams is an art form we have many years’ experience of.

You may operate an indirect route-to-market, with channel partners, resellers, agents and distributors. No one has a love of your product like you do, and they will need just as much support, if not more, than your own teams.

Depending on the organisation size, internal sales, account management, customer training and retention planning are equally important areas that may need addressing.

Keeping an existing customer happy is only part of the story. In our industry, word-of-mouth is hugely important and having strong customer advocates really helps get traction.

The EdTech marketplace is massively cluttered and extremely competitive. Combine that with the fact your targets are difficult to reach, and often reticent to change, and it’s no wonder that so much marketing activity out there under delivers.

Client engagement normally begins with ensuring you have the right marketing strategy in place.

We ensure your company’s values and product benefits resonate and articulate them in a way that stands out against your competition. We develop a variety of thought-provoking content to engage your audience and make it available at a time and place where it’s likely to be consumed and result in meaningful conversations.

We employ a wide variety of cost-effective tactics and channels – and ensure we can track success so that you can do more of what’s working, and stop investing in areas which don’t deliver what you need them to.

We’ve run countless research, brand, content, social media, website, search engine, PR and event projects for EdTech businesses and we’ll deliver exactly the right mix of activities to deliver results you can count on.

Even with the very best products and services, your organisation still needs a well thought through product strategy. Often, we speak with companies that launch their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with ambition plans for future releases.

It’s easy to sell ‘vapour ware’ as it does absolutely everything that anyone asks – and it’s easy to end up over promising and under delivering, which doesn’t normally end well.

Another trap is to ask customers what they want and get distracted trying to keep a handful of the more vocal customers happy while losing track of the bigger picture.

Products must keep moving forward because those which stand still will very soon find themselves overtaken.

The Wisdom Partnership has expertise in all areas of product management and development including technical strategy, development planning using Agile or Sprint methodologies, requirements analysis and risk identification.

On a more technical level we are able to run complex project engineering and development operations (DevOps), which might include managing external development resources, scalable cloud architecture design and support, technical recruitment specification and support, software testing strategy, modernising legacy platforms and optimising architecture to reduce costs.

However good your ideas, expert fiscal planning is key to long term success. This can range from high level planning and forecasting, to creating accurate monthly management accounts and subscription management.

Finance has an impact on all areas of your business, including making sure you’re getting the best value from your supply chain, whether it be cost management to efficient stock control.

‘Gut feel’ has a place and very often provides an accurate picture, but analytics plays a hugely important role of always keeping you in the picture so you can make the necessary business decisions based on real-time information.

The Wisdom Partnership provides a range of services, from regular book-keeping including VAT compliance and returns, to trial balance, bank reconsolidation, supplier payments and expense management.