Key information on Eating Disorders that will help your staff understand these serious mental health illnesses
and be able to better support pupils in your setting.

Eating Disorders are serious mental health illnesses which can affect people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. Eating Disorders can be fatal – 20% of sufferers die from their illness or by taking their own lives – and they can cause serious harm both physically and emotionally. Do you and your colleagues know enough about these illnesses to identify and support those affected in your setting?

Over 3 million of the UK population are affected by Eating Disorders, with adolescents forming the majority of these – and the number of our young people becoming sufferers is rising, with a huge increase over the last 12 months. Education about these serious illnesses is the best way to reduce the numbers affected and ensure that those who require it most get the help they need. 

To that end, we offer our FREE RESOURCE – Eating Disorders: Facts for Schools – which will provide you with an understanding of Eating Disorders, their triggers and symptoms so that you and your colleagues are better equipped to identify and support sufferers within your setting and/or those young people in your setting who are being affected by sufferers in their families.

In addition, we have produced an Educational Toolkit, with separate versions for Primary and Secondary schools to ensure content is relevant as well as being age and subject specific. These user-friendly resources are packed with video-driven content and supporting materials, including lesson plans with links to the National Curriculum objectives, worksheets and a clear and concise User Guide.

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