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The Wisdom Partnership is borne out of the passion for education technology of three seasoned EdTech professionals, with over 80 years’ combined experience…

Stuart Abrahams

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Stuart Abrahams

Stuart has over 35 years’ experience of technology in the education sector.

With almost 10 years as an elected member of the BESA Executive Council and 4 as treasurer Stuart has been at the forefront of the Association’s transformation story.

He’s been involved in acquisitions as an acquirer, whilst taking the opposite position of managing an organisation being acquired. He’s worked with funders looking to invest, as well as companies seeking investment.

As Managing Director of 2Simple, Stuart was responsible for the considerable growth and teacher engagement of the company. Previously he spent eight years as Head of Schools at Viglen, five years as Sales and Marketing Director at Pearson Education and 10 years as Commercial Director at Groupcall.

Stuart’s expertise is in running and growing SME technology businesses and spans many areas including: SaaS; cloud; data systems; GDPR; procurement; parental engagement; education management; and Internet security and connectivity. 

Stuart is known for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with EdTech while keeping a focused eye on student progress and teacher development.

As vice chair of governors of a large primary school, he also chairs the finance committee, is chair of the pay committee and link governor for Sports Premium and GDPR.

Founder - Andrew Mulholland

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Andrew Mulholland

Andrew is an award-winning marketer who has delivered crucial brand, content and lead generation campaigns for businesses owned by the likes of Lord Sugar, Sir Richard Branson and Bob Geldof.

He was drawn to education marketing during the advent of the National Grid for Learning, having graduated with an MA in Italian, an MSc in Marketing Management and with two years of teaching English under his belt. 

Two decades on, Andrew has led global sales and marketing teams, been a board level director for a group of educational software businesses and helped scale an EdTech organisation to exit as its Chief Marketing Officer.

Andrew is passionate about the fundamentals of good marketing: data analysis; customer focus; continual improvement; sales and marking alignment; and cut-through content. 

Having amassed a wide network of trusted supplier contacts since the beginning of his career, Andrew can not only help you devise a winning strategy – but ensure you execute on it efficiently and effectively.

Steve Baines

Steve has more than 25 years’ experience of senior roles in the education market, having been Head of Sales at Pearson Education and Commercial Manager and Data Protection Officer at Community Brands. He also spent several years as Chair of Governors at a large primary school.

As well as holding a Masters Degree in Business Administration (majoring in strategic planning, competitive strategy and sales management) Steve is a qualified Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor of Information Security Management Systems.

Steve also has both ‘Foundation’ and ‘Practitioner’ GDPR qualifications. While at Groupcall he developed and delivered a full GDPR training programme to over 12,000 senior school staff before evolving the content into an online course.

Steve has also worked internationally, managing operations and sales teams in Australia and South Africa as well as developing and managing resellers and partners worldwide.

Steve’s expertise is in developing and managing partnerships and growing SME EdTech businesses covering areas such as sales team development, SaaS, data systems, GDPR, partnerships & resellers, pricing, training, parental engagement platforms and international development.

Steve is also a Trustee at Discovery Educational Trust based in Essex.