The TWP story

We started The Wisdom Partnership (TWP) in spring 2020.

Joining forces, we left our roles behind and decided to put our years of expertise together and start a consultancy to help organisations better understand the education sector.

With Andrew's lead as the marketing expert, we put together The Wisdom Partnership brand, representing the five core pillars of our expertise:

Management and Operations

Sales and Customer Success




With COVID-19 forcing rapid change within the sector, our industry went into a kind of hibernation.

Innovations in EdTech were not going to be well-received, with schools not in a position to look at new suppliers and teachers having no time to adopt new products or services.

Using our combined experience and networks, we got together to help organisations in need. There was no need for long-term contracts or commitment - we wanted to help organisations in any way we could.

Our offer is to provide a full-service consultancy, with an array of experts specialising in their own unique disciplines, offering a one-stop service, with a single point of contact..