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About the Wisdom Partnership

The Wisdom Partnership ensures you have the right structure, strategy, plans and processes in place to help you achieve your growth objectives. And as any plan is only as good as its execution, we can also support you with as much, or as little, of the tactical implementation as you need.

Founded by Andrew Mulholland, Stuart Abrahams and Steve Baines, the Wisdom Partnership offers strategic and hands-on growth expertise to businesses developing products for schools, colleges, federations and local authorities.

Why Us?

in EdTech leadership, growth and change management.

in global blue-chips, restarts, start-ups and scale-ups.

Board level experience:
strategic insight and tactical execution.

Broad skill base
– everything from restructuring or international expansion to finance, product development, sales strategy, lead generation or social media management.

Ability to flex and scale
due to an extensive network of trusted affiliates.

Unwavering focus on results
and continual improvement.

On-demand resource
available when you need it.


The expertise offered by The Wisdom Partnership’s fall under five core disciplines:

Management & Operations

From start-up to multinational, multi-million, and all steps in-between, we can help your senior leadership team by providing fresh insight and focus to ensure success.

Sales & Customer Success

Taking a product or service to market is not in everyone’s skill set. Procurement in the EdTech arena is combination of connections and dogged persistence – and we have both in abundance.


Whether it’s putting a new strategy in place, testing an existing approach or implementing tactical lead generation campaigns, our empirical approach gives the maximum chance of success.


Your idea, your concept - your future - rests on the viability of your product or service. Ensuring that it’s scalable, fit for purpose and relevant is crucial to the success of your business.


Getting finance right is one of the biggest challenges facing any organisation, regardless of size – we have the expertise to help with all aspects of your business finance.

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